Mar 262011

If you’re a breathing American, you know that political undercurrents are threatening to destroy the very fundamentals on which our country was founded. Unsustainable spending by the Federal Government has created a financial crisis in our nation that endangers our future. In fact, most of our world is struggling with the chaos caused by mounting global financial debt, political unrest, the threat of the utilization and proliferation of nuclear weapons and unimaginable natural disasters of a catastrophic magnitude. The end may be closer than we think but there is hope revealed in ESCAPING ARMAGEDDON.

Mar 162011

The nation of Japan was recently hit by one of the most powerful earthquakes in the world followed by a catastrophic tsunami. Now they are dealing with a potential meltdown of atomic reactors that could release lethal radiation. We hope for the very best for the disaster ravaged nation as well as safety for those who are trying to help. With the disaster in Japan, unrest in the Middle East and North Africa and financial crisis throughout the world including the United States, one might wonder- WHATS NEXT? Read ESCAPING ARMAGEDDON for the final chapter of the human race and the only way to survive!

Mar 102011

America is approaching the 10th anniversary of 9/11, that fateful day that inspired the writing of ESCAPING ARMAGEDDON. Please remember the families of loved ones who lost their lives and suffered injury without warning at the hands of the terrorists on the morning of September 11, 2001. As you can see the new construction at the memorial on the ground zero site is progressing and will soon be completed .

READ ESCAPING ARMAGEDDON to learn the ULTIMATE fate of the world and the secret to escape!

Mar 082011

What do YOU think about the end of the world? View the short video (THE END?) and see what others think. Then read ESCAPING ARMAGEDDON.