Sep 212012

Many people today are concerned about their future and the future of their children and grand-kids. Our world is in turmoil, the Middle East is on fire and our ally Israel is threatened with extinction by Iran as soon as they have a nuclear weapon. Our United States Ambassador to Libya and three other Americans were recently [more…]

Oct 072011

We just returned from a trip to Switzerland and had an opportunity to see the awesome 13,000 foot high Eiger Mountain blanketed with snow in the magnifiscent Bernese Alps. It is mind boggling to imagine that ancient manuscripts recorded thousands of years ago predict that one day even mountains like this one will be moved from [more…]

Aug 132011

Did you know that our planet earth has a natural wobble to it as it rotates and spins around the sun? It’s kind of like an automobile tire that is slightly out of balance. However don’t worry, the wobble is so slight that only sensitive scientific instruments can detect it and we cannot even feel it. [more…]

Jul 182011

We just returned from a fantastic vacation in the Cayman Islands where the water is so clear you can’t believe it. You can see things on the bottom 100 feet under the surface and the beaches are beautiful. However, it is somewhat disconcerting when you understand what reliable ancient manuscripts have to say about what [more…]

Jul 132011

America is in turmoil due to the unsustainable spending of the government, the coming apocalypse if the national debt limit is not increased, fears of inflation, the decreasing value of the dollar and the constant commercials warning us to buy gold and silver now in order to have something of value during the coming crisis. 
People, wake up.  If you [more…]

Jun 282011

Our nation is rapidly approaching the date when the $14.4 trillion debt ceiling must be increased or risk a historical financial crisis, and the clock is ticking. However, there is another clock, the mysterious “Doomsday Clock” for planet earth that was introduced to mankind more than 2,000 years ago and stopped ticking several hundred years [more…]

Jun 202011

Are you worried about what the future holds for you and your family?
Are you troubled about the unemployment and financial problems in the United States?
Are you concerned about the mounting crisis in the Middle East and North Africa?
Are you apprehensive about the increasing number of natural disasters?
Do you wonder where in the world are we [more…]

Jun 082011

Thousands of years ago reliable ancient manuscripts predicted that one day in the future, perhaps our future, a popular international political figure will electrify the world by returning to life on global television after being fatally wounded by an assassin. However, this will not actually be a magic trick. In fact, this is the power [more…]

May 222011

Well as fragile as the world is, it did not end May 21, 2011. However, don’t get too comfortable. The warnings are all too clear and the last of the prophetic signs recorded in ancient manuscripts are being fulfilled in the world right before your eyes at the speed of life.
President Obama made a landmark [more…]

May 162011

Pastor Harold Camping made national news by  making the “guarantee” that the end of the world will begin on May 21,  and that’s today. He and a group of his followers are traveling the country spreading the word. Do you believe it? There is no doubt that the world is now on an irreversible collision course with [more…]