Sep 162011

Many economists today are warning of a global economic meltdown if the unsustainable spending and rising debt of many countries as well as the unprecedented trillions of dollars of debt of the United States is not stopped.  In addition our government must curb their appetite for “freely printing” money to pay for programs we don’t need with money we don’t have.

Many countries are losing faith in the American dollar and are talking about a new global currency to replace it. Others talk of devaluing the dollar. Hey, it’s already devalued from being worth 1 dollar to less than 75 cents. Even China has started to reduce their holdings of American Treasuries. Who will buy our bonds, our debt, who will loan us money?

Remember the devastating results of devaluing the German currency in 1923. The fear of a devalued dollar and hyperinflation is causing the “gold rush” of the 21st  century. WILL IT HAPPEN HERE AND CAN IT GET WORSE? While many are preparing for a possible financial armageddon and you should at least think about it, read ESCAPING ARMAGEDDON and learn about the real Armageddon that is coming!