Mar 022016


If you haven’t noticed, we are in the midst of the most important presidential election in the United States in our lifetime. Never have we seen candidates for the office of president like the current front runners. One candidate may be indicted by the Attorney General and the other has no political background, education or experience having never held a public office. Our nation is spiraling out of control financially, spiritually, and morally and is in desperate need of a president that is capable of and willing to begin the arduous process of turning our corrupt, vessel of democracy around. It has taken years for America to reach this stage of debauchery and it will take years to make substantive changes-but we must at least begin now. God will not continue to ignore the spiritual freefall that America is in or just wink at the mockery Americans are making of God’s word, His messengers and His church. We must return America to the Godly nation that was established more than two hundred years ago by our founding fathers before it’s too late. Time is running out!

NIGHTMARE IN TIMES SQUARE will be available later this year and is a must read book about where our nation is going and what we must do to turn it around. Find out what America and Israel have in common and why.