Nov 122012

 Sunday night, November 11, 2012 at Sagemont Church in Houston Texas was awesome. I had the  privilege along with thousands of others to hear Jonathan Cahn (center) share from his heart about his book, THE HARBINGER with a warning for America. The crowd was truly blessed by his message. Later I had the opportunity to spend some quality time with both Dr. Morgan (left), my family’s pastor and the pastor of Sagemont Church, and Jonathan Cahn before taking him back to the airport. We discussed Pastor Cahn’s book further as well as my own new book, ESCAPING ARMAGEDDON and the relevance of both books in America today and the years ahead. 

 I believe we may be approaching the tipping point in America, a point of no return if God does not intervene. To the chagrin of many, more than half of the voting population of the United States stood up on Novemebr 6, 2012 and declared that they were comfortable with the direction America was heading. This direction may soon take us to fiscal and moral destruction while threatening our national security and abandoning the  fundamentals that this nation was founded on; religious freedom, the sanctity of marriage and family and the pusuit of happiness by everyone, even those precious babies yet to be born.


Nov 012012

IT’S COMING, THE DAY THAT WILL CHANGE AMERICA. That’s right; the results of the election for President of the United States on November 6 will change America regardless of the outcome.

If the election goes one way, America will return to be the most respected and prosperous capitalistic nation in the world with religious freedom for everyone while following the leadership of the principles of God on which it was founded. America will again provide the pursuit of happiness for everyone, a promise guaranteed by our Constitution with unlimited opportunity for those who succeed rather than redistribution of wealth to those who don’t.

If the election goes the other way America will continue down the slippery slope to becoming a third rate nation strangled by debt, snubbed by our enemies, eventually overtaken by those to whom we owe massive amounts of money and those whose principles we tolerate and embrace even though they threaten our freedom that so many of our military men and women have died for, including my father.

Can you guess which man running for President of the United States will result in which outcome?

Vote November 6 if you haven’t already voted and don’t vote for your party, VOTE FOR THE FUTURE OF THE UNITED STATES, for your nation, your children and your grandchildren. You may never have another opportunity.