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Warning signs are pleads to heed that we often disregard and fail to respect on a regular basis for one reason or another. In many cases warnings can now be provided well in advance of impending disaster due to the use of available sophisticated technology, giving us additional time to prepare a way of escape–but only if we heed the warning. For example, Harry Truman, a longtime resident on the shores of Spirit Lake in the shadow of Mount St. Helens was repeatedly warned to leave his home in 1980. Seismological instruments had been indicating to scientists for some time that an eruption of the nearby mountain was imminent. However, Harry stubbornly maintained that the warning was just an empty threat even as the foundation of his home began to tremble. While many residents fled to safety, Harry and others who refused to leave died that day. The rest is history!

Many times danger is either not apparent to us or we don’t embrace the possibility of disaster because the reality of adversity impacting us seems unlikely or just downright impossible. I have personally experienced several lethal hurricanes which struck the Texas Gulf Coast. In many instances, people in the strike zone ignored the repeated warnings of weather forecasters and refused to evacuate their homes until the escape routes were impassable due to high water. As residents continued to ignore the threat of dangerous weather closing in from the Gulf of Mexico, blue skies over Texas began to boil with the ominous storm clouds of an approaching deadly hurricane. Ultimately, the hurricane force winds and flooding resulted in the unnecessary loss of life. Why do we reject warnings given to protect us from danger?

Although the warning of approaching cataclysmic global destruction eludes most of the world, ancient manuscripts written thousands of years ago clearly reveal an unprecedented description of the coming apocalypse. Escaping Armageddon reveals the true account of the imminent electrifying invasion of earth from beyond our world climaxing with Armageddon and the end of the human race. We are now rushing towards the intersection of current world events and the fulfillment of the last of the ancient prophecies which will initiate the launch of the apocalyptic invasion.

This non-fiction book is a thrilling account of a true narrative based on facts given to us by a supernatural being from another dimension having mysterious powers to accurately foretell the future! Regardless of your background, education, or beliefs, the shocking description of the invasion of our planet will hopefully compel you to discover the secret to escaping Armageddon and surviving the end of the world.