Jan 102013

The Presidential election is over and the United States debt is still spiraling upward to an unsustainable limit with no apparent attempt on the part of our President to do anything about it. What has Congress done? They voted themselves a pay raise! Your taxes went up even though you were promised they would not. The world is in turmoil and promises to get worse. Gun control is now the priority to stop mentally disturbed people who need help from killing others and redistribution of wealth by taxing the wealthy is the new norm. Our Amabssador to Libya as well as the other three Americans recently killed by terrorists is on the back burner and may never get the attention it deserves. The Whitehouse threatens to scale our military back and jeopardize our ability to defend ourselves. Even the new nominee for CIA Director recently announced “There is no war on terrorists.” He doesn’t know they declared war on us years ago.


Well there is some good news and there is hope. Read an exciting new book, ESCAPING ARMAGEDDON, see what wiil be and what could be!

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