Feb 242010

This non-fiction thriller takes the reader on a breathtaking, shocking and unforgettable journey to the future to discover the little known and only true story of Armageddon and the coming destruction of the world. Documented in mysterious ancient manuscripts written more than two thousand years ago, exciting “insider information” describes a deadly surprise invasion of planet earth and the near annihilation of the “terminal generation” of mankind. I believe we may be that generation targeted for destruction! Escaping Armageddon describes the increasing number of visible warning signs of impending disaster and provides a detailed, graphic account of the invasion from beyond our world. Our planet is now on an unavoidable collision course with destiny that can’t be stopped or altered. Regardless of what you’ve seen or heard, you will be compelled to learn the secret to surviving the end of the world!


Soon you will be able to read the only true story of how the world will end and discover that our generation may be the one targeted for destruction. Learn the secret to the only way of escape while there is still time!