May 222011

Well as fragile as the world is, it did not end May 21, 2011. However, don’t get too comfortable. The warnings are all too clear and the last of the prophetic signs recorded in ancient manuscripts are being fulfilled in the world right before your eyes at the speed of life.

President Obama made a landmark speech Thursday May 19 that is certain to accelerate our planet onto the slippery slope to its ultimate destiny. I believe he put the last nail in the coffin that will leave Israel as an island of democracy in a sea of Muslim enemies without a single ally.  By basically endorsing the demands of the Palestinians and requesting Israel to abide by the boundaries of 1967, the United States abandoned Israel and ignored previous commitments by the United States to support Israel at all costs. The nation of Israel is the lynch pin in the events that will ultimately result in the destruction of our world.

Read ESCAPING ARMAGEDDON to experience the dramatic account of the end of the world that was so clearly and accurately documented in ancient manuscripts almost 2,000 years ago by a mysterious visitor from another dimension. The facts are undeniable and the course of humanity is now irreversible and unstoppable. Only the precise timing of the end is uncertain.

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