May 152012

Are you keeping up with the nightly news in addition to the Presidential election? If you didn’t know better you may think we have the material for a best seller fiction novel with all the news of terrorist attacks, financial crisis, political upheaval and uncertainty in the world today.

However, I believe our world is now on an irreversible collision course with destiny at the intersection of ancient prophecy written almost 2,000 years ago and current world events. Indeed, our generation may be in the cross-hairs of destruction. A glance at just the last few years of the direction that our nation is going, the exploding financial crisis in Europe, the political firestorms in the Middle East and Northern Africa  and the threats of nuclear war from N. Korea and Iran should convince you that we are not talking about anything that is fiction. The world is confirming prophecy with every newscast!

Read an exciting new non-fiction book, ESCAPING ARMAGEDDON,  that provides a terrifying, suspenseful but honest assessment of the future of our world that made the turning point toward destiny in 1948.


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